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SKA Assessment

SKA assessments have been introduced by RICS as an assessment methodology to measure the sustainability of fit outs. SKA assessments produce a clear certification which demonstrates that the fit out was completed in an environmentally sensitive way and that the ongoing environmental impact of the building will be reduced.

The process for SKA assessments is different to that of other environmental assessment methods, such as BREEAM or LEED, as it solely focuses on the fit-out.

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One of the key features of SKA lies in its flexibility. The assessment topics depend on the nature of the retrofit, as opposed to a rating system where the categories are fixed, and where non-compliance with any particular criterion would automatically generate a negative score.


SKA therefore enables your design team to select the topics that are relevant and which they are able to influence through product selection or improvement of a process.

Please contact The Syntegra Group today to see how our qualified and experienced SKA assessment consultants can help your project.





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