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CDM coordinator

The role of CDM Coordinator has become vital as Construction remains a disproportionately dangerous industry where improvements in health and safety are a necessity.

Everyone controlling site work has health and safety responsibilities.  Checking that working conditions are healthy and safe before work begins, and ensuring that the proposed work is not going to put other at risk, requires planning and organisation.  The CDM 2015 regulations can help you achieve this.

The Syntegra Group provide you with highly competent and experienced CDM coordinators, who have clear understanding of CDM 2015.  Our experts ensure that projects comply with the regulations and are delivered in accordance with industry best practice.

We work in close partnership with each client and offer relevant advice and guidance throughout the project from the initial design stage through to completion.  Regardless of the complexity of the construction project, we have the experience, expertise and resources necessary to ensure successful service delivery and to provide tailored solutions aimed at meeting our clients’ business needs.

When to Appoint a CDM coordinator

CDM 2015 places legal duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work.  ‘A CDM co-ordinator’ has to be appointed to advise the client on projects that last more than 30 days or involve 500 person days of construction work.

CDM 2015 recognises that there will be construction projects that start before the Regulations come into force on 6 April 2015 and continue beyond that date. For these projects, the following transitional arrangements apply.

Where there is, or is expected to be, more than one contractor on a project:

  • where the construction phase has not yet started and the client has not yet appointed a CDM co-ordinator, the client must appoint a principal designer as soon as practicable
  • if the CDM co-ordinator has already been appointed the client must appoint a principal designer to replace the CDM co-ordinator by 6 October 2015, unless the project comes to an end before then
  • in the period it takes to appoint the principle designer, the appointed CDM co-ordinator should comply with the duties contained in Schedule 4 of CDM 2015. These reflect the duties placed on CDM co-ordinators under CDM 2007 rather than requiring CDM co-ordinators to act as principle designers, a role for which they may not be equipped

Other transitional arrangements are:

  • pre-construction information, construction phase plans or health and safety files provided under CDM 2007 are recognised as meeting the equivalent requirements in CDM 2015
  • any project notified under CDM 2007 is recognised as a notification under CDM 2015
  • a principal contractor appointed under CDM 2007 will be considered to be a principal contractor under CDM 2015

In all other circumstances, the requirements of CDM 2015 apply in full from 6 April 2015.

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