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Syntegra Energy Consulting

“We provide a complete range of solutions for planning,
property development and energy efficient built environments.”
– Group Mission statement

Syntegra Energy Consulting

“Creating sustainable development to the world through
intelligent and green building solutions.” – Vision statement

Syntegra Energy Consulting

"Building Dynamic Sustainable Solutions"

Lux Plan

At The Syntegra Group, we provide lighting designs for Secured by Design schemes and specialise in the production of Lux-plans, IsoLux contour diagrams and all the documents required to comply with Secured by Design requirements (e.g. office interior, private car park, exterior rural location, exterior urban location roadways, walkways).

lux plan

The general objective is to assess the impact of a suitable lighting scheme for the proposed site on the amenity areas and environment. Specific objectives of the proposed lighting scheme include:

  • Limiting light pollution and sky glow
  • Limiting obtrusive light, spill light/trespass light and glare to neighbouring properties
  • Providing an adequate level of illuminance for the proposed exterior areas in accordance with the CIBSE guidance and BS5489
  • Providing a suitable lighting control system to minimise energy consumption

The Syntegra Group’s lighting team offer professional advice, assistance and guidance at every stage of the development process; from design advice, to calculation of the distribution of the light, to recommending changes to the design to achieve extra credits among other.

lux plan 2

Our team also  offer LED lighting design solutions for Secured by Design schemes to ensure that the energy usage is kept to minimum whilst achieving an excellent overall uniform and consistent scheme.

For more information about Light distribution assessment, or to see how our qualified and experienced consultants can help to meet your Secured by Design lighting requirements; speak with a Syntegra Group consultant today.

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