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The Syntegra Group | CFD & Thermal Modelling
Syntegra Energy Consulting

“We provide a complete range of solutions for planning,
property development and energy efficient built environments.”
– Group Mission statement

Syntegra Energy Consulting

“Creating sustainable development to the world through
intelligent and green building solutions.” – Vision statement

Syntegra Energy Consulting

"Building Dynamic Sustainable Solutions"

CFD & Thermal Modelling

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) provides complementary fluid flow and thermal analysis, enabling engineers and architects to study transient simulations, fluid and thermal mixing, and thermal and velocity profiles, to pre-empt and avoid undesirable localised effects.  Particularly useful in voluminous spaces, CFD analysis allows detailed interrogation of proposed mechanical and electrical systems within the architectural specification, allowing further fine-tuning to achieve the precise desired internal conditions.  Typical applications include assessing:

  • Natural ventilation in complex spaces such as multi-level open-plan offices
  • Suitability of proposed heating and cooling systems for thermal comfort in large occupied spaces such as gyms, concert halls and auditoria
  • Thermal conditions generated by proposed mechanical systems in large spaces with stringent requirements such as in museum/galleries or specialised warehouse storage

We combine our CFD analysis with thermal modelling in IES Virtual Environment.
Our thermal modelling team performs CFD analysis to your specific requirements, carrying out options appraisals and providing expert advice on the most effective systems suitable for your applications.













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