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The Syntegra Group | Acoustic Design Consultancy
Syntegra Acoustic Consulting

“We provide a complete range of solutions for planning,
property development and energy efficient built environments.”
– Group Mission statement

Acoustic Design Consultancy

Comprehensive acoustic design input is essential for the proper functioning of any building. Dwellings and residential demises require adequate sound insulation for internal walls and internal floors, as well as sound protection from other parts of the building and adjoining buildings. Furthermore, our approach aims to provide good acoustic conditions in schools against disturbance by Neighbourhood noise.

Areas of bespoke architectural acoustic design our team focus on:

  • Minimization of noise break-in and break-out
  • Internal acoustic design to enrich privacy and overall acoustic quality
  • Bespoke acoustic design for a wide range of environments

The Syntegra Group’s highly skilled acoustic design team tailor our range of acoustic design solutions to provide exceptional benefits to your project that not only meet, but exceed acoustic design standards.

Contact The Syntegra Group’s acoustic design consultancy team today to discuss your project’s requirements.






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