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The Syntegra Group | New Utilities Statutory Services
Syntegra Utilities Statutory Services

“We provide a complete range of solutions for planning,
property development and energy efficient built environments.”
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New Utilities Statutory Services

At The Syntegra Group’s Energy Utilities division, we recognise the challenges our clients are experiencing in trying to gain commitment from the various statutory service authorities for the installation of electricity, gas, water and telecommunication services to meet their required ‘go live’ dates.

In our experience we found that many statutory service providers ended up dictating the building programme, while frequently failing to meet agreed timelines due to claims that the site conditions were not sufficiently advanced. We understand that the building project programme timetable can be dictated by the statutory utility service providers and if this is not managed appropriately the result can carry a significant capital cost to your business.

If the different project elements are not identified at the right time within the building project programme this can significantly impact the construction process and the associated financial implications this will have.

Syntegra Energy Utilities take on the responsibility of co-ordinating and managing the expectations and communications with the statutory service providers to keep your programme on track. When appointed, The Syntegra Group’s team will act as:

  • Single point of contact
  • Clarity of Stats process
  • Real time status reports
  • Risk reduction
  • Collation of existing Stats records
  • Underground utility mapping service
  • Quotations for new Stats
  • Real time status reports
  • Minimising Stats timeline
  • Building relationships with Stats
  • Provision of Stats continuity
  • Site monitoring to ensure the programme delivers the statutory authority requirements for installation
  • Meter installation liaison
  • Energy provider liaison
  • Energy procurement liaison – via our Award Winning Online Energy Reverse Auction Platform
  • Streamlining Stats process – reduced timescales

If you require certainty around your statutory services ‘go live’ dates and need to identify the costs and programme deliverables early in the design process, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further details or to arrange an appointment.

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