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Big names lead the way in switching to renewables – firms urged to follow in their footsteps
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Big names lead the way in switching to renewables – firms urged to follow in their footsteps

We’re getting used to hearing about household multinationals in the news for their shady tax dealings and we’re all quick to utter a quick ‘tut-tut’ and shake our heads disapprovingly.

It goes without saying that such headlines don’t show them in a good light. But maybe that says as much about the world’s media as it does these famous brands.

Despite various attempts to turn the tide against negative news and promote positive events, bad news still prevails -which is probably why the hugely inspiring initiative for companies to switch to 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2020 has gone largely unnoticed.

RE100 is a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity, promoting demand for and delivery of renewable energy.

About half the world’s electricity consumption is by private organisations and now that many internationally recognised names have signed up to the idea, smaller firms are being urged to follow suit.

Making the pledge to switch to renewables is a powerful statement of intent and shows customers an obvious commitment to tackling environmental concerns.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Ikea, BT, Coca-Cola Enterprises, BMW, Goldman Sachs, M&S and Sky have all vowed to be 100 per cent reliant on renewable electricity by 2020. Other famous names are committed to lower percentages or later dates under the same scheme.

RE100 is an initiative of The Climate Group, launched in 2014 and has gained support across Europe and the US and is now being rolled out in India and China.

Syntegra MD Alan King said: ‘We encourage businesses, however big or small, to follow the lead of the big names.

‘There are compelling business reasons to switch power supplies in favour of renewables and customers wanting to know what part companies are playing in tackling climate change can see an immediate example with such a simple step.

‘It’s a small measure to take with massive positive impact. We will always explore renewables options with clients whether their building project is a refurbishment or a new build.’

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